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Updated: Mar 18

Kindle / Now with a built-in front - light with Special Offers - Black: Assembled with movable front lights to enhance hours of reading at home or on the go anytime. Included to improve your reading pleasure is a 167ppi glare-free display bright prints while in the sunlight. Plus additional features like highlighted passages, builtin dictionary, word translation, text size modification without turning the page. Also, multiple other literature, and audiobooks. Names of your favorite books. Besides, extensive free reading with access to thousands of titles for Prime members. The battery has a long life span. Furthermore, connect with Audible for more reading pleasure. Also, join up with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to change between reading and listening.

All-new Kindle Oasis- Now with adjustable warm light - Includes special offers: One of Amazon's best constructed 7 inch 300ppi flush -front white paper display, waterproof for reading while relaxing in the or pool. It also has a slender design ergonomic with white page-turning buttons. In addition to that, it features flexible, warm lighting, shifting screen shade from white to amber. Plus, the texture reads like genuine paper with the latest e-ink technology and rapid page-turning. Another feature is instant access to millions of books, newspapers, and audiobooks. Besides, it works together with Audible, partners with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to interchangeably change between listening and reading.