Body - Start ###1 of 4 My Alkaline Electric Breakfast Creations! (Continuing Dr. Sebi's Legacy)

###1 of 4 My Alkaline Electric Breakfast Creations! (Continuing Dr. Sebi's Legacy)

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Fonio Hot Cereal

Quinoa, Teff, Fonio, and Aramanth are gluten-free grains that I have incorporated into my daily breakfast creations as hot cereals. I also add raw tahini butter for additional nutrition and a smooth texture. Quinoa and fonio are great alternatives for potatoes, brown, and white rice.

Each of these grains is ground finely into flour, and they are mixed in with the spelt flour. These flours are for baking, and I love mixing red and white quinoa to convert into a variety of recipe creations.

All of these gluten-free grains, including the raw tahini butter is on Amazon/ Wholefoods market and many other stores.

Alkaline Electric Fonio Grain Hot Cereal Creation


(Single Serving)

1 cup spring water

2 tbsp. cup Fonio grain

½ tsp ginger (ground or fresh optional)

One small bay leaf

1-2 tbsp. Raw Tahini butter

Pinch ground clove

2 tbsp. agave/date syrup

Pinch Sea Salt (optional)

Add hemp milk to your liking or any other Dr. Sibi approved milk

(Coconut milk, Brazil nut milk)


Rinse fonio; add to boiling water with bay leaf and ginger.

Let fonio grain cook, stirring continuously until soft to touch.

Add milk, tahini butter, and agave.

Note: I have suggested two tablespoons of fonio grain because it is very yielding for me, and may vary for each individual. Please remove the bay leaf before consumption.

Fonio Grain

Ground Clove

Ground Ginger

Bay Leaf