Go green with your pets by adopting products that are as environmentally friendly and harmless to animals. They combine Sancho & Lola's Interactive Play Toys, Helping Rescue Dogs. Pets Nail Clipper with Nail File For Cats & Dogs. Chom Chom Dog & Cat Roller Hair Remover. Unni 100% Dog Waste Bags. Greenfist Pet Odor & Stain Carpet Remover. isYoung Cat Corrugated Lounge Cat Scratcher, And Comsmart Pet Stainless Steel Automatic Pet Water Fountain.

Sancho& Lolas's Closet Dog Toys for Interactive Play Supporting Rescue Dogs: This dog toy was shaped from genuine hemp fiber. In addition, to monetary and treat donations,  five percent of these toys are contributed towards dog aids throughout the country for producing funds for a particular purpose.



Pets Nail Clipper for Dogs & Cats with Nail File: The nail file was formed from a stainless steel blade, may cause a mild allergic reaction, has a sturdy handle and is nominated by veterinarians and professional, and dog groomers.



Chom Chom Roller Dog Hair, Cat Hair, Pet  Hair Remover: The pet hair remover can be used for a long period, and it is safe for the environment. It eliminates pet hair from beds, couch, blankets, and more. It can also clean- Pet hair, lint, dander, and the pet hair receptacle can be easily cleaned.


Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags, Extra Thick, and Strong Poop Bags for Dogs Guaranteed Leak Proof. 15 Doggie Bags Per Roll: Earth Rated dog poop contains 270 excellent dog poop bags crafted on 18 refillable rolls, and each includes 15 bags that are compatible with the company dispenser. Also, the dog poop bags are lavender scented, locking in the fresh aroma. In addition to that, the bags ties securely, earth rated and enhanced with an EPI additive recycled packaging materials including the roll cores.



GreenFist Pet Magic Stain and Odor Remover Fast-Acting Carpet Cleanser Enzyme-Powered Formula Cats, Dog Urine: This product is great for the environment,  composable, quick-acting enzyme-based, it aids in removing stains efficiently Including food stains, blood, vomit, etc.  quickly activating pleasant aroma,  neutralizing odor formula which eliminates bad smells instantly.     



isYoung Cat Scratcher Lounge Corrugated Cat Scratcher Cardboard Protector for Furniture Couch Floor Eco-friendly Toy- Keep Cats Fun Healthy and comes with Catnip: This cat scratcher was styled for a huge surface area for all sizes of cats. The entire sides are surrounded by cardboard, so it can be flipped over for even more play and relaxation.

cat scratching exterior curves make for easier scratching & a more pleasurable place to rest & play.



Comsmart Cat Water Fountain Automatic Pet Dog & Other  Pets Stainless Steel Water Dispenser with super Quiet Motor Pump: It comes with  3 replacement Filters. This water dispenser is environmentally safe and made from food grade material. Comsmart automatic cat water bowl is a healthier alternative for  plastic, low maintenance, has a LED light water level view, and designed to last up up 4 years.