Here are some environmentally friendly mosquito repellent options. Choose eco-friendly, chemical-free products without DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide), as it is harmful to the environment. Select an insect repellent that is safe for you and the entire family from



Skedattle Natural Insect Repellent: The Secured alternative to possibly harmful bug sprays that ward off mosquitos, ticks, and fleas, with a lab-tested strong potent mixture of citronella, lemongrass, peppermint, and vanilla, giving it an enjoyable pleasant smell. It is decomposable and harmless for you and the environment.


Simple natural Products Mosquito Repellent Bracelets (15 Pack) Insect Repellent for Kids and Adults: It is one hundred percent genuine and non-irritating, free from hurtful and synthetic chemicals. Our mosquito repellent bracelets are shaped from one hundred percent all natural plant-based oil. This genuine mosquito repellent supplies protection for long periods without the use of risky synthetic chemicals such as DEET. Our main focus is about you and the environment, which is why we utilize natural ingredients to make your bracelets which are sustainable, and still supplying peak protection. Each insect repellent bracelet offers twenty-four hours of strong protection warding off mosquito bites.



Anytime All Natural Mosquito & Noseeum Repellent: This product is single-handily tested and certified that our naturally made DEET free compound dispense the best barrier than products containing the synthetic chemical. Guard yourself against those painful irritating  Mosquito bites. This product is also great for babies and young children.



Mosquito Sticks, All Natural and DEET Free Insect Repellent: The Mosquito Sticks are 100% genuine and non-irritating. The mosquito repellent sticks are molded from natural plants like citronella, Thai herbs, lemongrass, and it guards your family, friends, and yourself in a beneficial and wholesome way. After the mosquito repellent, Incense Sticks flame go out; the citronella filled smoke is ongoing up until 1 hour. The mosquito killer resistant stick releases a continuous flow of mosquito repelling citronella smoke, although the flame has been out for a long period. It has a fresh smell, molded with highest standard refined essential oils on genuine bamboo wood.