Having a wedding, party, or function?  Eco- Friendly Ideas for any occasion. They combine Bamboo, Wooden, and Palm Leaf disposable and compostable wares. These products are excellent for the environment, wholesome for family and friends, and also toxin-free. After usage, these disposable utensils are capable of breaking down into decayed natural organic material in a compost area. This occurs in a short time, and without transmitting any toxic deposit in the soil


8 Inch Set Of 12 Reusable Bamboo Straws, Includes 2 Bonus Nylon Brushes 100% natural, Sustainable Non-Toxic, Safe For Home And Work :An  alternative for plastic straws which  bad for your and the environment, and cause excess waste in the landfills.These straws are hand crafted from  an organic sustainable source of bamboo, vegan and are premium quality; also, these straws are excellent for warm and cold drinks like Water, soda, coffee, shake, and smoothies.


Compostable Disposable Coffee Cup With Lids to Go, Wooden Stirrers, and Integrated Sleeves 75 Pack-16 Ounce BPI Cups Certified (Biodegradable Product Institute): (BPI) is proof that these cups are 100% compostable, plant-based, and free of  any petrochemical derivatives,Also, these cups are double insulated

and  do not need an extra sleeve, they are excellent for any occasions like weddings , parties or family gatherings.


World Centric one hundred Biodegradable, one hundred percent Compostable Dinner  2- Ply Napkins: These are excellent for places where meals are usually served, daycare, and schoo land more.


The Edible Spoons: Made from materials that are nutrient-dense, contains no artificial substances, preservatives or coloring, and are one hundred percent naturally baked products.


 The Bamboo Leaf Cocktail Plate: These plates are dye Free and free from artificial substances, the available sizes are 3.5- 4.75- 6 inches.


The Bamboo MN Brand-11" Round Disposable Veneer Plates: Made from one hundred percent bamboo and was assembled without any adhesive. These plates are great for serving desserts or appetizers sizes are 7 - 9 - 11 inches.


The Brheez Palm Leaf  Disposable Bamboo Square Bowls: Made from clean and steamed- treated leaves without artificial substances, paste or polishing.


Bamboodlers Disposable Wooden  Cutlery set: one hundred percent all Natural Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, and Compostable. They are non-irritating and do not contain any plastic or substance harmful to humans, animals, and plants chemicals.