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Having a wedding, party, or function? Try our Eco- Friendly Bamboo, Wooden, and Palm Leaf disposable and compostable wares. These products are great for the environment, healthy for family and friends, and also toxin-free. After usage, these disposable utensils are capable of breaking down into decayed natural organic matter in a compost area. This occurs within a short period of time, and without leaving any toxic residue in the soil.


Maxdot 150 Biodegradable Bamboo Print Straws: Made from food quality bamboo, is suitable for drinking coffee, tea, juice, coke, beer, and wine, and is an alternative for plastic straws.


The Doubled Walled Disposable Cups with Lids: Used for hot and cold beverages. The air chamber insulation keeps hands cool and drinks warm.


World Centric one hundred Biodegradable, one hundred percent Compostable Dinner  2- Ply Napkins: These are great for places where meals are usually served, daycare, and school.


The Edible Spoons: Made from materials that are nutrient-dense, contains no artificial substances, preservatives or coloring, and are one hundred percent naturally baked products.


 The Bamboo Leaf Cocktail Plate: These plates are dye Free and free from artificial substances, the available sizes are 3.5- 4.75- 6 inches.


The Bamboo MN Brand-11" Round Disposable Veneer Plates: Made from one hundred percent bamboo and was assembled without any adhesive. These plates are great for serving desserts or appetizers sizes are 7 - 9 - 11 inches.


The Brheez Palm Leaf  Disposable Bamboo Square Bowls: Made from clean and steamed- treated leaves without artificial substances, paste or polishing.


Bamboodlers Disposable Wooden  Cutlery set: one hundred percent all Natural Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, and Composable. They are non-irritating and do not contain any plastic or substance harmful to humans, animals, and plants chemicals.