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Take pride in pampering your face and feet with our sustainable earth-friendly natural products. We need to take time to care for our feet by soaking them in the eco-friendly Yummy Foot Bath Basin: it is easy to use massages our feet. Caring for our bodies with eco-friendly products shows that we are taking responsibility for our health and contributing to a well needed environmental change.


Electric Callus Remover: It is Pleasant, durable, has a  great design gently and effectively scrubs away thick dry skin for painless results in less time. It is safe to handle, simple to use with a slip-free grip and a new safety lock button.


100% Organic Therapy Foot Butter BalmTreatment: This product is safe for the environment, it is a chemical-free therapy foot butter balm to restore hard cracked callus skin,  hydrates, and rebuild rough feet.


Oz Natural Facial Toner - This natural skin toner contains Vitamin C, glycolic acid & witch hazel: It is pH balanced Prevents the aging process, safe for most skin types, safe for the environment, and no harmful poisons.


Tree to Tub Gentle FaceWash for Dry Skin- The Only pH 5.5 Lavender Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin: Removes makeup, cleans skin without removing essential oils from your face; reaped in areas that are representatives of natural eco-systems, made without any animal products, manufactured without experimenting on animals, and fair trade.


 Ethique Solid Face Cream, the Perfector 2.7 oz: Hydrating solid face cream suitable for dry cracked itchy skin use as a night or day cream, formed with kokum and cupuacu jars of butter.


Freshme100% Nature Cleaning Charcoal Konjac Sponge- Pack Bamboo Activated Carbon Puff: This sponge washes away dead cell from the skin.  It is important to replace the sponge every three months to prevent mold and bacteria growth on the sponge. 


Makeup Remover Pads 16 Pack Bamboo Cotton Rounds Pads Cleansing Cloth Wipe: This is a  reusable green beauty environmentally friendly organic cotton product, it can be used more than once. These bamboo makeup remover pads contain one washable laundry bag,  one bamboo makeup remover pads equal to one thousand pieces of regular cotton pads, it is essential for removing waterproof makeup and help in eliminating waste.