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Here are a few menstrual care alternatives that are earth-friendly, natural, pesticide and chemical free. Natracare Pads and Tampons: Are plastic free, made from organic cotton, and turns into eco-friendly compost when discarded. It dissolves into the earth without harming earthworms and the soil, which has a positive impact on our environment.

Utilization of these products can be a great approach to taking responsibility for your health and the environment.



LunaCup Reusable Washable 3 Bamboo Menstrual Pads: Made of 4 layers: The first layer one percent hundred destroys bacterial spongy bamboo fiber, two layers of microfiber in the middle and 1 layer of 100% polyester, prevents leakage. They measure 9.75” long and 6.5” wide including the wings, very pleasant to wear, are safer than disposable pads eco-friendly, no more waste going to the landfill, it is a more beneficial solution, no artificial substances.



OrganiCup Menstrual- CupReusable Period Cup-Size A /Small FDA Approved- Pan and Tampon Alternative: Includes one organicup menstrual cup and one organic cotton pouch for storing the organicup. OrganiCup can be used more than once and should be drained, twice daily. It is attached to a light vacuum, and the soft material eliminates irritability,  dryness, and guarantees that the natural pH balance is flawless.OrganiCup is made of one hundred percent soft medical-grade silicone.


Luna Cup Menstrual Set of 2  Cups, 1 Large 1 Small Period Cup with 2 Carry Bags: LunaCups is more cozy and effective they are pleasant to wear and are leakproof and more secure than other menstrual products. They are of a higher quality than tampons, are made of spongy materials, and they also do not contain artificial substances. 


 OrganiWash (2.5oz)  mild for the  Body and Menstrual Cup- Organic Intimate Soap- Perfume Free: It is a  cleanser for menstrual cup users that is pH balanced, contains organic and ingredients, perfume free, vegan and free from substances that cause allergic reactions.


OrganiWipes - Organic Menstrual Cup Wipes 10Pcs- Perfume Free are Perfume free, Individually Wrapped - Organic Cotton - Biodegradable: These wipes are convenient to clean your menstrual cup at home or on the go.