Eco - Friendly Plastic Free Products





A great way to ensure that the products you purchase are produced ethically, and with the environment in mind is by gradually replacing a few of the plastic products that you buy.  A decrease in plastic products will do wonders for the environment.  



Onyx Stain Less Steel Popsicle Mold: It was Molded from 18/8 stainless steel, Chemical free, it was constructed to make 6  brands of paddle ice pops,  and it was built to remove one pop at a time, freezes swiftly is very simple to clean and operate.



Sip-well Extra Long Stainless Steel Drinking Straws Set of 4, Straws for 30 oz. Tumbler and 20 oz. Tumbler: These staws are an excellent alternative, as they are harmless to the environment, they were shaped from 18/8 stainless steel, rust-resistant and able to withstand scratches, it includes a cleaning brush, and can be used for a variety of ice-cold drinks coffee juice or cocktails.




Internet's Best Stainless Steel Bread Box: Kitchen food storage container, takes up little room, built with an extra-wide inside to store and maintain pastries and loaves of bread, shaped from premium quality stainless steel, and furnished with a bamboo handle, constructed to last for long period.  


TreeTribe  Black Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Indestructible, Insulated Eco-Friendly: It prevents leek,   free from industrial chemicals, dual-chamber thermos,  it was designed for hot and cold drinks. It is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The 18/10 stainless outside was made of 18/8 food storage stainless steel and water remains cold for twenty-four hours, it keeps liquids hot for six hours, and extra hot liquids become cold after twelve hours.



Onyx 18/8  Stainless Steel 18- Slot Ice Cube Tray: The ice-tray was Molded from 18/8 stainless steel, this dual system ice trays are from a particular time from the 1950s, and has a simple release handle.



Vermis 6-Pack Glass Water Bottle: These are 18-ounce drinking bottles with stainless steel lids excellent for juicing and beverage storage, these clear glasses can be washed in the  dishwasher, they were designed with colored carrying loops and a four multi-sized cleaning brushes, they can be refilled with a variety of  home-made squeezed juice, tea, smoothies, kombucha, cold brew coffee, and more.



Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker 18/10 Bonus Stainless Steel Screen: The coffee maker  was molded from premium quality stainless steel, the insider, and outside, was constructed from three-layered stainless steel filter traps minute coffee grounds, to create a rare full-bodied taste,  the filter screen is simple to dismantle and clean, when the screens are piled together the french presses coffee becomes more of  an exquisite taste,  have a sophisticated handle, and a comfy knob.