Child Safe Recyclable Toys



As a parent, safety is your top priority. You can trust our child safe recyclable eco-friendly children’s toys, and make playtime more sustainable. The Plan Toy City Series of Traffic Sign and Light: This toy forms new creative ideas for playtime and it is one that kids can take delight in for long periods of play. It minimizes waste, it is long lasting and it can be recycled, and it is recommended for children age three.


 Award Winning Hape Mighty Mini BandWooden Percussion Instrument: This instrument is an all-in-one melody-making music machine, which includes a xylophone, a drum, a cymbal, a guiro, a clapper, and drumstick. Emerging young musicians will begin to develop rhythmic and audio skills, recommended for ages two years plus.


Wonderworld Rocking Caterpillar: This toy is removable from the foundation for use as a spongy toy or a restful cushion. The nose has a rattle inside, and it is constructed from rubberwood and compostable material.


Joobles Fair Trade Organic Stuffed Animal - Cutie the Lamb: This stuffed toy is cuddly, safe for babies, and created with environmentally safe oeko-tex accredited dyes. Fairtrade, knitted by hand with care,  in small Peruvian cooperatives that pay a living wage to every Joobles artisan, a craftsperson, it is strong, simple to care for. and is machine washable on a gentle cycle.


Finn + Emma Mini Rattle Organic Cotton Knit Rattle for Baby Boy or Girl- Zoe The Flamingo: The knit rattle was created by hand from toxic free yarn, utilizing moral principles; the craftsmen were given an acceptable living wage and worked in a secured environment. 


Rubbabu Natural Rubber Foam Soft Fuzzy Little Train Play Set: This flashy colors and basic shape model stimulates creative play and encourage kids to grab, propel and walk around. It was created by hand in an environmentally friendly fair trade facility.



6 Pin Bowling  Set Soft Natural  Rubber Foam Active Toy for Kids, Toddlers: This bowling pin created from genuine rubber, it is brightly colored, plush, entertaining and pleasing to touch, carry and play. It is also suitable and secure for children with a variety of learning disabilities or impairments. This toy was shaped by hand.