Sustainable Home Designs



The construction of green homes design preserves the environment, saves time, improve the quality of our health, enhance the quality of indoor air, and alleviate global climate change. Earth-Sheltered Houses: How to Build an Affordable (Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series): This text holds critical data on a variety of home designs tips which include planning, unearthing, foundations, floors, walls, framing, roofing,  waterproofing, insulation,  and drainage.

This information will help enhance the unskilled owner or builder confidence to undertake the task of the building project.


Shipping Container Homes: A Guide on How to Build and Move into Shipping Container Homes with Examples of Plans and Designs: This literature was created to provide a step by step guide on shipping container selection, transport, foundation, utilities, modification,  and finishing. In each chapter, the construction design is described in detail, such as with the planning procedure, and throughout completion of the home. In addition,  each chapter contains pictures of each phase which help aid in the building process.


Going of The Grid: The How-To- Book of Simple Living and Happiness: This writing provides a full guide towards creating an independent haven in the wilderness or the blacktop jungle. Through this approach, you will be able to establish and rid yourself from any unnecessary stimulus that causes stress of everyday living. In addition, you will also learn the necessary essentials of off- the -grid living such as home design to energy options, sewage disposal, and internet access.


The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse:How to Design and Build a Net- Zero Energy Green House: This creative writing is providing a comprehensive  range of construction and building of greenhouses that utilize and store energy from the sun to generate naturally heated, richly growing environment surprisingly in the depths of the winter, covering essentials of solar greenhouse design  and location, building selection, regulating heat loss, oxygen, and construction methods.