My Story


        In the early 1990s, I began my transition towards a healthier lifestyle. It was a step by step process, which started with consuming sixty-four ounces of water daily.  As I continuously drank my daily supply of water, I began to observe fat deposits streaks in my urine. At that time, I did not focus any attention on my new experience because the sole purpose for my daily water intake was to flush toxins from my kidneys. It was later that I became aware of the additional health benefits of daily consumption of water, which are increased weight loss, cleansed skin tone, daily bowel movements, increased brain function, and better physical endurance. After learning about these benefits, I took the next step in my health regiment by incorporating aerobics exercises from TV with fitness instructor Denise Austin, and a weekly fast on Thursdays.  For fasting I made a mixture of honey and water, which I learned from Dwight York; he authored many Actual Facts pamphlets, scrolls, and founder of the United Nuwaupians Worldwide.


        As I continued my pursuit towards health improvement, I was introduced to Dr. Julian Whitaker, founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute. He makes his own nutritional daily supplements that I purchased. Unfortunately, after consuming it for a long period I developed an allergic reaction to his supplements and had to discontinue all usage. As an alternative, I began purchasing organic fruits and vegetables. At the same time, I found a book by Dr. J A’Damo called, 4 Blood Types, 4 diets, Eat Right 4 Your Type. I followed the recommended foods but continuously suffered from gas and heartburn. I ceased my participation in this suggested nutritional health plan as well.


        In 2007 I was invited to listen to an Audio CD by the late Dr. Sebi on alkaline foods versus non - alkaline foods. He explained that our physical bodies are electrical, therefore, we need to consume foods that are electrical. Immediately after listening to the audio CD I made a spiritual transition towards a vegetarian lifestyle. This was a slow process because I was still consuming fish, however, I eventually stopped consuming it as well.  I am very grateful that I had listened to Dr. Sibi’s audio CD because my previous eating habits increased my sugar cravings, and I continuously suffered from heartburn and gas.


         As of 2016, I have made a transition to a one hundred percent alkaline electric vegan lifestyle. I do not purchase ice cream or consume cake anymore, because my cravings have disintegrated.  Since becoming alkaline vegan, I have experienced many positive changes and continuous health improvements. It is because of these experiences that I believe that the best way to transition to a vegan is undergoing a step by step process. If you have been consuming animal products for a long period of time, your system will need time to adjust to the new lifestyle changes without going into shock. It is also important to note that this process is different for each individual. For instance, it was very simple for me because instantly after listening to Dr. Sibi my spirit turned against consuming meat, however, it may take others time to let go of meat depending on their personal views. Overall, this process has been one of the best experiences of my life, and a great achievement that I have made for my health, body, soul, and mind.